Mountains of colors located in Cusco
montaña de colores

Get to know the mountains of colors located in Cusco, currently there are three colored mountains that are totally beautiful and you can add them to your travel itinerary. The best known and most visited mountain of colors is the mountain of colors Vinicunca, the other mountain of colors is also totally beautiful and it is the rainbow mountain of Palcoyo, and finally we have the recently discovered mountain and it is known as the mountain of colors Pallay Puncho , all these mountains are located south of the city of Cusco.

Mountain of colors

Rainbow mountain Vinicunca (Winicunca)
Rainbow Mountain of Palcoyo (Palccoyo)
• Mountain of colors Pallay Puncho (Pallay Poncho)

If you are planning your trip to Cusco and want to visit any of these three Mountains of Colors, here we provide details of each of them.

Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca

The mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca is the most famous mountain in Cusco and is the second most visited attraction in Cusco, after Machu Picchu. To visit the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain it is necessary to have a moderate physical condition, since this tour requires a walk of approximately 1 hour and a half.

To visit this mountain it is always necessary to be in Cusco one day before acclimatizing since you can suffer from altitude sickness and then not be able to enjoy the Vinicunca colored mountain. If you have a few days this tour you can schedule it to be done on the last day.

tour vinicunca

Rainbow Mountain Palcoyo

The rainbow mountain of Palcoyo (Palccoyo) has easy access and does not require much physical condition since it only requires a 35-minute walk to reach the top of the mountain. This tour is perfect because in front of the mountain of colors is a very beautiful stone forest.


Pallay Puncho Mountain

The Pallay Puncho mountain (Pallay Puncho) was recently discovered and promises to be an ideal tourist attraction to get out of the routine. Pallay Puncho is also known as the sharp mountain Pallay Punchu and is characterized by its beautiful colors, its sharp points and its easy access to get there. The Filuda de Colores Mountain or Pallay punchu is located in the Layo district, approximately 3 hours from the city of Cusco.

pallay puncho

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