How to get to Waqrapukara

Waqrapukara is an archaeological site in the Cusco region, Peru, known for its stunning landscapes and Incan ruins. Here I tell you how to get to Waqrapukara:

From Cusco: The most common way to get to Waqrapukara is from the city of Cusco. You can take a bus from Cusco to the town of Sangarara, which is the starting point for the hike to Waqrapukara.

By bus: From the city of Cusco, you can take a bus towards Sangarara or towards the closest town, San Pedro de Cachora. You may need to take a second bus from San Pedro de Cachora to Sangarara.

By private car: Another option is to hire a private transportation service or a car from Cusco to Sangarara. This may be more convenient and comfortable, but also more expensive.

Walk: Once you reach Sangarara, the walk to Waqrapukara usually takes several hours. It is advisable to hire a local guide who knows the route and can provide information about the area.

Remember that Waqrapukara is located in a remote and mountainous area, so it is important to be prepared for the hike. Bring enough water, sunscreen, comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear (Trekking). Also, keep in mind that information may change, so be sure to check details and available transportation options before your trip.


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